Who is Alliance for Life Ministries (AFLM )?

Alliance for Life Ministries is a conservative, family-oriented organization with an interdenominational Christian philosophy. We promote the sanctity (sacredness) of all human life from a Biblical and biological perspective. It is our view that the changes that need to occur in our nation and community will be the result of a spiritual awakening.

Alliance for Life Ministries subscribe to action and prevention, rather than reaction. Our efforts are generated with the intention of affecting positive change within our community, and not to perpetuate our organization.

Welcome to Alliance for Life Ministries (AFLM)

We are living at a time of grave moral crisis for our nation. The collision that is occurring is between two vastly different worldviews. What we do now will determine how much our children and grandchildren will suffer in the future. Never has the need been greater for Christians to pray and to serve as salt and light at every level of American society.

A veteran politician named Pilate once asked a lower class Jewish carpenter, "What is truth?" Ironically, the answer was the very person he was asking. As is true today, accustomed to error and desensitized by falsehood, the politician Pilate failed to see who was before him. The result was he not only missed the truth, he ended up nailing truth to a cross.

Truth and moral integrity matter today as much as always. America was brought into the deplorable state in which we find ourselves today, not only by the actions of people who declared war on God and the Biblical framework that built our nation, but also Christians who allowed this to happen. Reclaiming our communities demands godly people who are willing to put principle ahead of politics and bring truth to our society. We hope to help you accomplish this task.

It is my prayer that the information contained in our website will enlarge your vision, renew your commitment, and sharpen your skills for the task of restoring righteousness to our country. With this effort, we can approach again the throne of our Father, seek His face, humble ourselves and pray, and know that He will hear from heaven and heal our land.

Paul Lagan, President

Alliance for Life Ministries was honored to receive the
"1999 Salt & Light Award" as
Outstanding Christian Organization in the United States,
by the Center for Reclaiming America, an outreach of
Coral Ridge Ministries, Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

AFLM was given this award for being creative in boldly educating the public regarding the TRUTH, from a Biblical standpoint, on the great issues of today.

Other individuals receiving awards include Dr. Robert Cosby, who donated over $3.5 million of his own money to mail the Jesus film to every household in the State of Alabama, and Pastor Oscar Aguero, Florida, who personally rented the Orange Bowl for the purpose of holding a rally to defend traditional family values. We are honored to be in their company!
"You are the salt of the earth ... You are the light of the world ... Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven." Matt. 5:13-16


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