Meet Paul and Sue Lagan

Concerning the great moral, spiritual, and ethical issues of our day, Paul Lagan is well suited for the task at hand. In 1989, he and his wife Sue, founded Alliance for Life Ministries (AFLM), a conservative Christian ministry located in Madison, Wisconsin, which is arguably the most liberal city in the United States. Their ministry is geared toward making a difference by taking God’s Word and applying it to His Cultural Mandate.

What makes their ministry particularly unique is that they have actually done what most other conservative organizations only suggest. In this respect they stand alone among the masses of other well intentioned authorities on the subject. The fact that they are actively on the front lines of the battle gives them a unique credibility that few have and qualifies them to advise, direct, and complete what other writers on the subject may suggest but leave unanswered.

Paul and Sue have prayed and rescued at abortion mills, and publicly (eyeball to eyeball) confronted atheists, sodomites, liberal school boards, apathetic churches, and city councils. They have distributed literature door-to-door, organized “Life Chains,” aired numerous television and newspaper advertisements, and evangelized at shopping malls, in nursing homes and at prisons. As an example, during one such campaign, they organized 900 volunteers who, within two hours, delivered literature to over 100,000 homes in Madison, Wisconsin. They have organized “Life Chains” that stretched for more than 6 miles in length and consisted of participants from 150 area churches.

The Lagans have organized conferences, seminars, and rallies. Concerning a remedy for defending our Christian heritage and numerous other controversial issues, they have never asked anyone to do anything that they have not done, or are not willing to do themselves.

These examples are noted not to be condescending, but to encourage others as to what can be done to change society for the better with as few as one or two people.

  • In 1999, they received the prestigious Salt and Light Award from The Center for Reclaiming America for Christ, as the Outstanding Christian Organization in the United States.
  • Concerning many issues, and from among many millions of Web sites, AFLM is blessed to be listed on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and many other search engines.
  • Paul and Sue have appeared as keynote and guest speakers before functions across the United States, including the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.
  • The Lagans have been interviewed numerous times on television and radio, and in newspapers and national magazines.
  • Statements written and articles published by Paul have received recognition both here and abroad.
  • Paul writes a monthly column for the Wisconsin Christian News.
  • At one time Paul and Sue were president and vice-president respectively of Dane County Wisconsin Right to Life.

In the past, the Lagans have worked directly with such organizations as:

  • American Family Association
  • Alliance Defense Fund
  • Coral Ridge Ministries
  • Exodus International
  • Faith 2 Action
  • Focus on the Family
  • Life Chain America
  • Life Dynamics
  • Mayflower Institute
  • Priests for Life
  • Reclaiming America for Christ
  • Stop (STOPP) Planned Parenthood

Some other uncommon features of their organization are that they pay no rent or overhead, nor do they beg for money. One hundred percent of all donations to their group are used for the purpose to which they were given. AFLM will not accept contributions from anyone who could keep the Lagans from addressing the great evils of our day, therefore, they are able to tell it as it is with no strings attached. The Lagans do not make a living by playing church. They have never received any form of salary, wages, benefits, or financial reimbursements for their ministry efforts.

Before retiring, Sue was a department supervisor for the Registrar’s Office at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Paul was self-employed as the founder and owner of Union Financial Services, an estate and financial planning organization that operated primarily within the Midwest. After the sale of his business in 2002, Paul became free to devote 100 percent of his time to ministry work.

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