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My Dear Friend:

I believe we have reached a crossroads in the pro-life movement. Although pro-life groups decisively won the battle to educate our community regarding the humanity of the unborn, in doing so, we have ventured very close to losing the war. What many of us prayed about, warned against, and feared would happen - has almost happened.

Concerning abortion, the issue of whether an unborn child is human has basically become IRRELEVANT!

The message I am going to discuss with you today is difficult. We have, however, a responsibility to ourselves, to the defenseless we are trying to represent, and to almighty God to be truthful.

There was a time when I believed that if we simply educated people regarding fetal development, reason and conscience would take over. But this is no longer the case. Facts no longer influence reason today because the conscience of our community has gradually become desensitized.

A few years ago surveys showed that 72% of our population believed an unborn child was alive. This figure was rising at the time and has been, and is, the responsibility of pro-life groups such as Alliance for Life Ministries-because education regarding fetal development is a biological issue.

Also stated was the fact that 52% of those surveyed believed a woman should have a legal right to kill this same unborn child. At the time this figure was rising also, and has always been the responsibility of our churches-because murder is a moral issue in which pro-life groups have no control.

What we justifiably feared was that if these figures continued to rise to the point to where they both reached 90% or more, the issue of the humanity of the unborn would become IRRELEVANT! We would then live in a society where almost 100% of the population believed an unborn child was alive, but also believed in the right to kill this same child.


With technological advancements concerning ultrasound and education concerning Partial Birth Abortion, there is almost 100% agreement today regarding the humanity of the unborn. We have won the battle educationally. National pro-choice organizations no longer use the "blob of tissue" statement as an excuse. Their only defense now lies in the fact that abortion is "legal."

We are, however, in admittedly confusing times. Morals are another issue. Statistics show that the majority of what is referred to as conservative "Christian" denominations who voted during our last election supported candidates that openly favor abortion. Added to this is the fact that most people, including Christian conservatives, chose not to vote for anyone. To put it bluntly, they just didn't give a damn!

If we are to learn anything from the past, it is that now is not the time for phony optimism! Like it or not, the majority of our community (Christian and non-Christian alike) have very clearly stated they either don't care about their fellow man (only themselves) or they agree that abortion and other moral issues should be compromised or tolerated for sake of personal prosperity. They may agree that abortion is wrong, but in their case, it's irrelevant! The battle is being lost morally.

A writer once stated, "Tolerance is the virtue of people who do not believe in anything. When we become so accommodating of evil that we neither recognize nor oppose it, our moral collapse is imminent." Our county has digressed beyond that point. Today, we not only tolerate evil-we actually promote it!

My question for you today is this - do you care?

One thing for certain, political activism alone will not save us. During all terms of pro-life administrations, every baby conceived in the United States has been legally abortable. But it doesn't end there. If the unborn can be murdered a few seconds before birth, and if the elderly can be nudged into eternity with a little poison camouflaged as compassion, then what about the rest of us? Is anyone secure? What started out as abortion will escalate into active euthanasia-of not only the terminally ill, but the handicapped, the elderly, and the unwanted. If this continues in the manner that it is going, the safety of you and your loved ones will someday be affected-and that time is fast approaching. If our community will elect candidates who favor something as inhumane as abortion, I guarantee you this much, they will vote for a candidate who favors anything-including killing the elderly as well!

My years in the pro-life movement have taught me to be realistic. I know that the majority of people who read this letter will not care enough to inquire as to what can be done. They will shrug, turn their head, and pretend these issues don't involve them-as they retreat to the solitude of their own private interests. The sad reality is, most churches and Christian people look inward, isolate themselves from our culture, and have absolutely no influence on our community concerning abortion and other moral issues. But there are those who do care, and it is to you that I am speaking!

The Great Commission not only instructs us to win people to Christ, but to be obedient to His directives and act out our faith. In the pro-life movement, a few people putting forth all the effort (acting out their faith) is not an organization, it's a study in futility!


Paul Lagan, president

Alliance for Life Ministries

P.S. I am concerned by a sense of despair growing within the Christian community. We must be honest with our feelings. It is normal to become discouraged, but as Christians we should never despair. Political and cultural fortunes will rise and fall but the truth of the Gospel is constant, never changing. And so is our duty to contend for the truth!

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