The Corrupt Cancer Business: A Personal Story about Real Life Experiences
Paul Lagan

This commentary is difficult to write. Although it discusses unpleasant events of the past, do not look at this as a “pity party” on my part. To the contrary – it is intended to be a “whistleblower” on the corrupt cancer business. If one person is benefited from my revealing the shocking practices I witnessed while fighting my deceased wife’s cancer it is well worth the effort. 


The two hundred billion dollar a year cancer business has turned into a miserable failure for the victim and a gold mine for the cancer related industry. Regardless of the trillions of dollars poured into cancer research during the past 50 years, the overall true survival rate for most cancers has only decreased 5 percent. To make matters worse, I was told at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minnesota, by some of the leading neurologists and oncologists in the world that as much as 50 percent of diagnoses today are incorrect. So the fact that some cancers appear easier to treat and their outcomes more successful than others, maybe because they were misdiagnosed in the first place. Nevertheless, in the majority of cases if someone is analyzed with most cancers today, little has changed over the years, nor have the results. Treatment consists of what honest physicians and critical investigators call slash (surgery), burn (radiation), and poison (chemotherapy). 


Cancer is a health condition that keeps hospitals open. As bankruptcy would be the result for oil companies if alternative fuel for automobiles were found, can you imagine the loss that would occur to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, radiologists, and oncologists if an easy cure for cancer were found? The cancer industry is kept alive by the all powerful Federal Drug Administration (FDA) who lobbies Washington for favor. No drug or procedure can reach a cancer patient without their approval. Additionally, the FDA, along with the AMA, NCI, ACS, hospitals, medical schools, and oncologists are subsidized by funding (bribing) from huge pharmaceutical companies. According to the AMA, as much as 75 percent of an average oncologist's earnings, around $500,000.00, comes from selling chemotherapy drugs in his or her office.


 When chemotherapy was tested against no treatment, no treatment proved better! My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the Veteran s Hospital in Madison. He refused treatment and died seventeen years later of heart failure at the age of 89. AstraZeneca, Inc. had to pay $280 million in civil and $63 million in criminal penalties because it paid kickbacks to doctors for promoting a prostate cancer drug. Combined yearly revenues of these pharmaceutical giants total 600 billion to one trillion dollars. The corrupt system is set up so that it will cost a new company that may have an inexpensive cure for cancer somewhere between 700 to 800 million dollars in “red tape” just to be able to apply for approval from the FDA. Without assurance of success most investors decline to continue.      

The remaining portion of this commentary will take you on a step by step recall of the deception I witnessed in an effort to find humane, honest, qualified treatment for my wife. The patient deserves to be more than a number or a statistic. Medical opinions can differ – but there is no excuse for a lack of kindness and compassion!  


When” god Neurosurgeon” (I refer to these people as gods because they appear to literally have the power of life or death) walked into our hospital room in St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison accompanied by his nursing assistant “goddess nurse,” on a December morning in 2011, and bluntly stated there was no cure for my wife’s condition, I was stunned. Nevertheless, I was told seconds counted for surgery. Before being rushed into surgery I asked “god neurosurgeon” if he was sure the spot on the MRI showed malignancy. His remark was, “In that area it always is,”---- A complete lie


After surgery and before other treatment started, I called the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, a clinic specializing in treating cancer patients and one that advertises constantly on television. These are excerpts from this chat. 


Judy C:  “Cancer Treatment Centers of America, this is Judy. How may I help you?” Paul Lagan:Do you treat Glioblastoma Multiform brain cancer?” Judy C:Yes.” Paul Lagan:Does it make a difference where I live?” Judy C:We see people from across the country. May I ask if you know who your relative’s insurance is through?” Paul Lagan:Medicare and group coverage through the State of Wisconsin – payment does not depend on Medicare.” Judy C:Is Medicare the primary insurance?” Paul Lagan:Yes.” Judy C:Our Doctors in Chicago are not excepting new Medicare patients outside of Illinois.” Paul Lagan:I don’t believe you understand the conditions of their policy. Their policy will pay ANY balance that Medicare does not approve if the treatment is termed to be medically necessary. Medicare has no bearing on the payment.”  Judy C:The problem is that what Medicare does not allow does not even meet our costs. We are a private hospital that does not receive state and federal funding.”  Paul Lagan:Yes but their group insurance will pay your FULL costs BEYOND Medicare!!!”  Judy C:Thank you for visiting You may now close this window. Your session has ended.”  I ran a check through Google and found numerous complaints. So the next time you see one of their commercials on TV compare it to this conversation ---- Buyer beware! 


At that point we decided to transfer to the Carbone Cancer Center at U.W. Hospital in Madison, where “god Oncologist, god radiologist” and another “goddess nurse,” prescribed their conventional method to kill a cockroach with cannon (radiation) and medical witchcraft (chemotherapy). After a few sessions of radiation treatment I noticed that almost all of their patients who had previously walked into the waiting room appearing reasonably healthy, now left in wheel chairs and resembled pictures of refuges from Nazi extermination camps during World War Two. Absolutely barbaric! 


This was the same Oncology Dept. that botched a stereotactic radiosurgery to cure my wife’s Trigeminal Neuralgia in 2002. The rest of her life she had indentions on both temples where the electrodes were placed. According to the Mayo Clinic, in place of deadening the Trigeminal nerve the U.W. damaged it to the point that the pain became 100 percent worse. I quote from a neurosurgery report, “She describes the pain as like a meat cleaver or a railroad spike sensation.” The use of morphine was proscribed. From that time on her communication and reaction senses worsened dramatically! 


Before starting treatment at the U.W., I asked about a Chemotherapy Sensitivity Test. “Goddess nurse” stated there was no place in the U.S. that could perform such a test, and it wouldn’t make any difference anyway--- Another lie! I asked if a tissue sample could be sent to another clinic for a second opinion. I was told the tissue sample had been ----“Lost!” 


On Feb 19, 2012, I emailed goddess nurse, “Sue has concluded her chemo treatment and has decided to cancel the four remaining radiation treatments. The reason we chose UW was because of the possibility that treatments would be available other than the conventional methods that have a terrible success record.” On Monday, February 20, 2012, I received this email from goddess nurse, “I am very concerned about Sue not completing her radiation treatments. I know that Dr …… and Dr…… are both concerned about it- and would like to talk with you more about it. I believe Dr. … tried to call you this morning to talk about that decision. It is not in Sue's best interest to not complete the treatment plan, and I really hope you reconsider this decision.”  Note: Even though we were told there was no hope for cure, these gods pressured us to continue----Money!  The charge for one radiation treatment can easily exceed $4,000.00, and the total cost, including surgery, chemotherapy, medication, and hospital and physician charges can exceed one million dollars!  


Next, we contacted the Block Center, in Skokie Ill, where we were told that the human body is capable of healing itself. A diet of strictly organic foods and supplements were prescribed to cleanse the body from being poisoned by GMO’s. 


Our treatment then shifted to the Bicher Cancer Institute, in Los Angeles, CA. On 03/09/12, we received this first MRI Report. Dear Paul, “Enclosed reports all indicate no additional tumors and no evidence of residual disease at operative site but some swelling related to the operation (encephalomacia).” Ralph S. …... M.D. Director of Radiation Oncology. 


After returning home in mid April, we were introduced to Dr. Jim . . . ., a doctor specializing in cancer from another country. On May 11, 2012 I received the following email from Dr. Jim, “Dear Paul, She must avoid radiation and chemotherapy to have any hope of getting well. Oncologists have never healed a glioblastoma patient because chemo and radiation both kill killer lymphocytes which are needed to kill malignant cells.” 


During the next six months we worked closely with the Block Center who monitored my wife’s diet and supplements. Three completely negative MRI’s were taken during this period of time at the St. Francis Hospital, in Evanston, Ill. On 11/14/12, another MRI at St. Francis Hospital was taken with this result, “Therefore, over a series of scans from O7/2012 to 11/2012, there are increasing white matter changes, increasing enhancement in the previous tumor bed and therapy bed with no evidence of mass effect. The findings could be due to radiation necrosis. I cannot absolutely exclude tumor recurrence. PET scan may be useful in differentiating between the two.” 


Do to the fact that The Block Center did not do the type of tests suggested in the last MRI report I contacted the Froedtert Clinical Cancer Center and Medical Collage in Milwaukee. I quote from the advertising on their web page, “Froedtert Hospital is regionally recognized in U.S. News & World Report’s 2012-13 “Best Hospitals” list for eight medical specialties, including cancer. The Clinical Cancer Center is … designed to provide patient-centered cancer care.”Emphasis added. On 12/7/112 I made an appointment with Froedtert to examine the various MRI’s taken in the past, and to give me their findings – a second opinion of sorts. It was explained to them that my wife would not be accompanying me do to her condition and that I had a medical and financial power of attorney. Insurance information was taken and a date set. When I arrived at their gigantic, cold, expensive appearing, clinic, I was informed that god Oncologist who previously agreed to see me – had “now changed his mind” and refused my appointment. No clear explanation was given except that the “appointment person should not have made the appointment in the first place.” I drove home!    


My next move was to again contact the Neurology Dept at St. Mary’s Hospital. I requested a PET scan. The goddess nurse I had talked with before belabored the point that we had not communicated with their office during the time of our obtaining alternative treatment elsewhere, and again stated that there was NO HOPE for my wife and that everyone that has my wife’s type of cancer dies of the ailment ---- which is a lie! This was the same department were I witness a neurologist walk out of my wife’s room and not return after making the statement, “You are beyond my expertise.” To eliminate hope from a patient is about as cruel an action as anyone could display – especially coming from a person employed in a profession that should show empathy and kindness. The whole episode was disgusting!  


I contacted Meriter Hospital in Madison and they refused to order the test. Next, I contacted Turbo Bay Radiation and oncology Center in Madison who work with St. Mary’s and Meriter hospitals and requested a PET scan. They originally accepted but later declined stating I should “contact the out of state clinics you have been working with.”   


The bottom line - I could find no Hospital or Oncology Center locally that was willing to help us regardless of the fact that they knew my wife would die if she was not tested!  It is my belief that my wife was killed do to radiation narcosis that developed as a result of the barbaric treatment that was forced on her by our medical community! 


To the end my wife appeared in perfect health. She did not lose weight and her blood tests and organ tests were normal, a tribute to her diet and supplement care. However, as her brain condition worsened I needed to provide 24/7 care for her at home – a cost that totaled in excess of $500.00 per day. A few days before her passing, numerous organizations pressured me into admitting her into Agrace Hospice Care. Shortly after entry it was disclosed to me that they would not provide her with nourishment or water - euthanasia. Their intent was to humanly starve her and allow her to die of thirst! I immediately returned her home where she died peacefully in her sleep a few days later. 


To launch a successful battle against cancer conventional medicine and alternative medicine must work together by treating the patient in a dedicated, compassionate, and courteous manner. Money must not be the ultimate objective 

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