Abortion: The terrorism of our time
by Paul Lagan, president, Alliance for Life Ministries

Keith Rischer was curious.

At 3 o’clock on a dark and cold January morning, he anxiously began emptying the trash dumpster behind the Robbinsdale, Minnesota Family clinic. There, among the waste paper, milk cartons, egg shells, coffee grounds, and cigarette butts, lay a blood soaked bag. "I didn’t want to open it, but I knew deep down that I had to," Rischer said. "With great uneasiness, I very gingerly began. When the bag was almost completely open, out of one side I saw a perfectly formed hand with five fingers attached to an arm that had been violently torn off of the body." Horrified and stunned, Rischer continued his search. "I saw both feet, also completely formed, attached to legs, which were attached to a headless spinal column. Its head had been violently crushed." When the day ended, thirteen other bodies of children were uncovered, ranging in ages 14 to 18 weeks.

One thought becomes terribly clear when we look at incidents such as this. All terrorists aren’t arrested. Some can walk away, perhaps to kill - again - and again.

Madison, Wisconsin abortion terrorist Dennis Christensen is a proud participant in this type of barbaric activity. In a Wisconsin State Journal interview Christensen stated he "regularly pulls part of the fetus out of the uterus before the fetus dies" and sometimes pulls "all but the head out before collapsing it." We speak a lot about living in a civilized world, and yet, here, in the belly of the beast, there are those among us who are little more than bloodthirsty monsters.

But this evil comes in various forms and is not confined only to the abortion mill.

Sarah sees "the red and white curled-up fetus, the size of a cocktail shrimp, swirling around the shower drain" while bathing at home. "It doesn’t go down," she says. Its hands were curled into tiny fists. She is "struck by the hands." Sarah scoops it up. Cradled in her palm is the lifeless body of her baby, the result of the abortion drug RU486. She wraps the child carefully in toilet paper and with one hand over her moth to muffle her scream, and then flushes it away to join other body waste in the sewer system.

These stories are not fiction nor are they that unique. Terrorism is all around us. It is in our families and even in our places of worship. But, you say, isn’t prayer the only real answer to abortion? No, not according to Proverbs 24:11 and Matthew 25:31 - 46 and Jesus’ command to "go and do likewise," in reference to the Good Samaritan. Prayer is never to be used as a "cop-out" or excuse for not preaching or defending God’s truth.

Although abortion is rarely discussed today from the pulpit of our churches, this was not always the case. It may interest you that in the early church, abortion was considered such a grievous offense against God and humanity that anyone participating in an abortion was immediately excommunicated - with NO possibility of reinstatement!

However, please allow me to return to Keith Rischer’s story:

"As I uncovered more of the bodies one by one, I was sickened as little hands, arms, feet and legs were clearly observable. They deserved so much better than this fate," I thought. "Human life does not deserve to be treated with such contempt. They did nothing wrong. Tears began to well up from inside and to flow freely as I looked at the carnage before me. I raised my fists in the air and struck them into my car, angry that such destruction was so acceptable to so many."


I believe Keith Rischer put it very well; "These babies have no voice except ours. Don’t we realize that we are the Body of Christ? If we who call ourselves Christians don’t respond to this truth - who will?"

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