By Paul Lagan, Pres. AFLM

(If there are no absolutes to gauge society, then society becomes the absolute)

"The decision to have an abortion should be a matter between a woman, her doctor, her family, her conscience, and her God." Gen. Colin Powell ABC TV’s 20/20 Sept. 15, 1995

Some time ago our organization commissioned a nationally known research and marketing firm to determine why many people state they believe an unborn child is alive, but also state that they are pro-choice (for abortion). This seems like a contradiction.

Research found this group of people, when faced with an unplanned pregnancy do not view abortion as bad vs. good (having an abortion against giving birth), but bad vs. bad. They believe that abortion is bad because it causes a disruption in their lifestyle, or a sort of death of self. So they choose what they consider to be the lesser of two evils – what they consider best for them now. It is interesting to note that morals, as outlined in Holy Scripture and Centuries of tradition, never really enter into their decision making; a classic example of the modern day theology of simply "looking out for number one."

Why would they do this? Because these people have set their own standard for morals, suggestions, not commandments, as defined by their own god. I knew it would come to this!

The newest pro-choice slogan states that the decision to have an abortion should be "between a woman, her conscience, her doctor, her family, and her god." Note, it’s her god, not just God. God and conscience are becoming the last refuge of the pro-abortion scoundrels.

Reference to her god - not just God as such - falsely suggests that her conscience gives a woman permission to redefine what’s objectively right and wrong into "what’s right for her at the time" - her god changes the rules as the situation requires. How convenient.

The conscience is useful only, however, if controlled by Almighty God. If anybody has a clear conscience while violating the Word of God, that person is sick and confused. The familiar saying, "Let your conscience be your guide," is okay if your conscience has surrendered to the Word of God. Our conscience is not something that everyone has inside and tells us right from wrong without error - as a compass tells us where the north is. The human conscience can be bent out of shape; it can become so insensitive that it doesn’t respond.

A lot of people today think there is no absolute authority when it comes to religion. Religion, they think, is determined by what they enjoy. That’s why a young woman who disagrees with her church and who knew that her church disagrees with her, could say the differences they had were not important. She could talk this way because her god approves of everything her conscience deems necessary.

The church of the 21st Century is being asked to condone lifestyles that have long since been considered prohibited by the Bible, and by not speaking out a majority of churches are doing just that. In the church, absolutes are rapidly being discarded, and about the only question anyone asks is, "How do you feel about this?" Few people, however, ask what the Bible really says about such developments.

The god they have created substitutes truth and justice for a false peace that is sometimes referred to as "love." Anyone attempting to challenge their lifestyle, whether it be issues of promiscuity, abortion, or homosexuality, is accused by almost everyone, including many members of the clergy, as being judgmental and spreading "hate," a word that you hear very often today. Their god has a Heaven for everyone, and a Hell for none. Such a god is as true an idol as was ever molded out of brass, wood, or clay.

Some time ago I read an interesting article concerning children when they were very young. It seems these children were earnestly paralleling Jesus Christ to Santa Claus. As they grew older they learned that Santa Claus does not exist, and also start to question as to who this Jesus really is. Consequently, they invent their own form of Jesus - one that is self-serving - a form of spiritual tranquilizer for their every problem. They reason that if Jesus is God, He must be something like Santa Claus. Just a kind, loving, non-judgmental person who accepts them for what they are, and always gives them whatever they ask for regardless of whether they are naughty or nice.

Churches also started promoting this "safe" definition of Jesus, stating that anyone could expect a deed to the Kingdom without paying allegiance to the commandments of the King. Lifestyles and responsibilities become inconsequential. They say, "We’re not going to be held responsible for our actions anyway, so where is the motivation for change?"

And so we come to Easter with its message of salvation, the cross and the resurrection. But when we start to tell that message, we hear, "Redemption means I need redeeming, doesn’t it? Well, I don’t!"

We start to tell the Good News of Easter and we are quickly stopped. The response is something like this:

"What’s so important about Good Friday and Easter? You say, ‘Jesus died for sinners. He rose for our justification.’ What does that mean? I believe in an affirming god, who approves of me the way I am.

"For one thing, what is there for God to judge in me? Sin? How can I be a sinner when nothing is my fault? I am a victim, someone else is responsible for my problems, my negative actions, my crimes. I trace the difficulty to the abuse of my parents, school, society - but never me.

"Don’t suggest to me that God will judge me. How can God do that? Didn’t God make me? If I am not right in some way, it’s not my fault.

"Easter, Savior - saved from what? Not sin. I want salvation from all that is being done to me. I want salvation from the consequences of my own choices; I don’t want to pay for the choices. I want affirmation from my god that I am doing just fine, and if there are any free gifts to be given - like peace, joy, and eternal life - I’d like those too. After all, I’m the best person I know, and I am confident my god agrees with me."

But we know that the Holy Spirit who is the seeking convincing One, knows that people do need redemption - just as each of us do. And in trusting the power of God’s Word and the convincing of God’s Spirit, we keep reaching out to a culture that will be absolute about there being no absolutes. A culture that will be absolute about anything or everything except the absolute need for Christ . . . and we keep announcing the Easter message.

Surveys show that less than 1% of people attending church know the Ten Commandments in any form. Our nation and even our churches do not know God’s absolutes of right and wrong, good and evil. This is why there are no clear-cut, established victories. We are a community that no longer recognizes or even knows God’s foundation of absolutes, in or out of the church.

Moral breakdowns never occur suddenly. It comes slowly, almost imperceptibly, like a slow leak in one of your tires. Some things that once were not allowed are now tolerated. We shrug and smile instead of facing the truth. Time passes. It isn’t long until we are rationalizing, and actually condoning, things that once made us blush. Now, decisions of compromise are more common, even though not long ago we wouldn’t have entertained such thoughts. We turn our heads or make excuses for not confronting evils within our society, passively referring to them as "social issues" or "personal private matters" rather than sin. To think, to discern, to reason, and to make decisions regarding right and wrong based on God’s Commandments is considered mean spirited, not Christ-like, and even hateful.

Our supporters have expressed their feelings to us through surveys, personal letters, and telephone calls that their number one interest and concern regarding sanctity of life issues lies within our churches. We are reaching a crossroads in the pro-life movement and unless more of our churches take a more active role, success is impossible.

I want you to know that we are making a difference in our area. A fewer number of women are entering local abortion mills, more women are contacting crisis pregnancy centers and our office, indicating their intention not to abort their unborn child. The general attitude regarding abortion in our area has taken a shift toward life.

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